Loyalty Card

Loyalty Card

+What is the Jaeger loyalty card?

The Jaeger loyalty card rewards you generously for your custom – whether you shop in store, or online. Every time your spend reaches one of the voucher thresholds, over one reward period, you’ll earn a voucher to spend in store or online and there is no limit to the rewards you can earn. In addition, the Jaeger loyalty card recognises your valued custom by offering you a range of exclusive privileges, including; invitations to exclusive events, sale previews, early notice of new collections, free length alterations (available at freestanding stores only) on full price suits (waist bands, cuffs and hems only), jackets (cuffs only), trousers, skirts and dresses (hems only), and exclusive promotions on the pieces you love.

+How much do I have to spend to qualify for a loyalty reward voucher?

Every time your spend reaches one of the following thresholds over one reward period you will receive a voucher, which is redeemable in store* and online at jaeger.co.uk. Your spend/reward breakdown: £150 = £20, £300 = £30, £450 = £40, £600 = £50, £750 = £60, £900 = £70. The thresholds continue, without an upper limit at increments of £150 with an extra £10 voucher added for each £150 spend. If a customer hasn't reached the minimum £150 spend within the reward period (3 or 6 months depending on tier level), the spend will be carried over to the next period. However, a spend can only be carried over for a period of 12 months in total. If, after this period, a voucher has not been earned then the spend will reset to zero.

+How are customers allocated to a membership tier?

Tiers are reviewed annually (currently in August) and you will automatically be allocated to the relevant tier based upon your spend over the previous 12 month reward period. Where applicable, a new loyalty card will be issued by post along with a letter updating you on your membership status for the forthcoming year. New cards are not issued if you remain within black tier membership, however, you will receive a letter confirming your black tier membership. Please provide an up to date and valid postal address in order to ensure you receive tier membership communications.

+ How can I check my loyalty card membership tier?

You can view your membership tier level by logging into your online loyalty account on Jaeger.co.uk or by providing your name and loyalty card number when visiting your local store.

+ If I spend over £500 in my first loyalty card transaction can I access Silver benefits straight away?

All customers start as a Black tier member and have instant access to all black tier benefits, however, Silver and Gold tier benefits can only be accessed following the annual review (currently in August). E.g. If you make a purchase of £550 in June you will be able to enjoy Black tier benefits until August, you will then qualify for Silver tier membership and be able to enjoy Silver benefits for the following 12 months.

+ How often do I receive Loyalty Reward vouchers?

Reward vouchers for Black and Silver members are calculated over a six month reward period and issued twice a year (usually in February and August). Gold card member’s rewards are calculated over a three month reward period and issued quarterly.

+ How can I apply for a Jaeger loyalty card?

You can apply for a loyalty card at any UK Jaeger store or concession (excluding John Lewis and Boundary Mills outlet stores) or online at jaeger.co.uk or jaegeroutlet.com as part of the online checkout. Simply tick the sign up box when prompted. Keep this 8 digit number safe and enter it on any purchases you make whilst awaiting your permanent loyalty card. If you apply as part of the online checkout, your first purchase will automatically earn rewards. Once you have received the physical loyalty card, please present it every time you shop in store or enter the number at online checkout. Your loyalty card number can be saved in your online account, so that you won’t have to enter it every time you shop with us.

+ Can I earn Loyalty rewards in all Jaeger stores?

You can earn loyalty rewards on purchases of Jaeger items in any UK Jaeger free standing store, outlet or concession (excluding John Lewis concessions and Boundary Mills Outlet), and online at jaeger.co.uk and Jaegeroutlet.com. You can’t currently earn rewards on purchases in non-UK stores.

+ Where can I redeem my reward voucher?

Reward vouchers can be redeemed in UK freestanding stores, selected shop in shops and outlets stores (excluding those on the excluded list) and online at jaeger.co.uk and Jaegeroutlet.com. Reward vouchers cannot be redeemed on the following transactions: (a) the purchase of Jaeger gift vouchers; (b) delivery charges; (c) payments in respect of clothing alterations; (d) purchases of Jaeger products from non UK stores (f) purchases of non-Jaeger product from the Regent Street Boutique Gallery and nationwide. Jaeger reserves the right to change these exclusions from time to time upon giving reasonable notice of such changes to you.

+ What happens if I use my Reward voucher to buy something that is cheaper than the voucher value?

There is no change given on reward vouchers and the leftover value cannot be added back onto the loyalty record, therefore, the difference in value will be lost.

+ How can I manage my rewards?

Simply visit jaeger.co.uk/loyalty and select the ‘Log in to manage your account’ option to check your rewards point balance and find out when your next rewards voucher is due. To query your loyalty card spend or rewards then please call Customer Services on +44 (0) 845 5210496 (Mon-Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 11am-5pm, Bank Holidays 10am-4pm UK time).

+ How do I earn loyalty rewards on my online purchases?

If you have a Jaeger loyalty card you can earn rewards on your online purchases simply by entering your 8 digit loyalty card number in the relevant box during your checkout process. The 8 digit number can be found on your loyalty card. This number can be saved in your online account, so that you won’t have to enter it every time you shop with us. Please note, that whilst you can use the loyalty number on a store card to earn rewards online, you cannot use a store card to pay for your purchase online – you will need to use an alternative debit or credit card. Please also note that change can’t be given from loyalty card vouchers.

+What is Jaeger Elite?

Jaeger Elite has now been replaced by Gold tier membership. For full details on how to qualify for Gold membership click here.

+ How do I use my Loyalty Reward voucher online?

Simply enter the 10 digit number (displayed below the barcode on your loyalty voucher) into the reward voucher box on the Payment Options page and click apply. This will allow you to confirm the reward voucher value, which will then be deducted from the total. You can complete the purchase using another method of payment if the reward voucher doesn’t cover the balance.

+ Can I use my Loyalty Store card online?

You can use the 8 digit loyalty number from the back of your store card to earn rewards, however, you cannot pay online using the store card facility – an alternative debit/credit card must be provided.

+ Who can I contact with a query about my loyalty card?

If you have any queries regarding your Jaeger loyalty card you can call Customer Services on +44 (0) 845 5210496 (Mon-Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 11am-5pm, Bank Holidays 10am-4pm UK time) or email us at loyalty.card@jaeger.co.uk. If you have a query about your credit facility on your store card then you will need to call Ikano on 0844 8565780.

+ What can I do if my Reward voucher has expired?

Loyalty reward vouchers have a limited expiry date, which is printed on the voucher. If the voucher has expired it cannot be renewed.

+ How long should it take to receive my Jaeger Loyalty Card?

If you signed up online, your card should arrive within one week of the date you applied. If you haven't received your card within two weeks of applying then please call Customer Services on +44 (0) 845 5210496 (Mon-Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 11am-5pm, Bank Holidays 10am-4pm UK time). If you join in store, you will receive your card immediately upon completion of your application.

+ What are the terms and conditions of the loyalty card?

You can find all the terms & Conditions related to your loyalty card (including Store, VIP and Staff) here.

+ I am a Silver or Gold Loyalty Card member, how do I access my birthday gift?

In order to access the complimentary birthday gift, Silver and Gold loyalty customers must have registered a valid email address and date of birth on their loyalty card account. Birthday gifts will be sent by email during the month of your birthday. You can update the email address and date of birth on your account by visiting your local store, at www.jaeger.co.uk/loyalty and clicking ‘manage your account’ or calling Customer Services on 0845 521 0496. The birthday gift offer is subject to change and Jaeger reserves the right to amend or withdraw the birthday gift promotion at any time.

+ I am a Silver/Gold Loyalty Card member, how do I access my free UK next day delivery benefits?

All online member benefits are only available on jaeger.co.uk and not jaegeroutlet.com. p>

+ Can Silver and Gold Loyalty Card customers use the free next day delivery on in store multichannel orders?

No, the free next day delivery is only valid on online orders placed at jaeger.co.uk

+ How do I redeem my choice of Silver/Gold discount days?

All online member benefits are only available on jaeger.co.uk and not jaegeroutlet.com p>

+Can Silver and Gold customers use their discount day vouchers on sale product?

No, the choice of discount day promotion is only valid on full priced purchases in Jaeger freestanding stores, SIS (excluding JLP) and online at jaeger.co.uk. Not valid in outlet stores or online outlet.

+ What can I do if I have lost my discount day voucher?

Please contact customer services on 0845 521 0496.

+ I am a Gold card customer, how can I book a personal shopping appointment?

Gold loyalty card customers must book their personal shopping appointments at least 48 hours in advance by telephoning their local store*. *Personal shopping is only available in selected freestanding stores; customers can refer to the online store finder to see if this service is available at their nearest store. Appointments are for a maximum of two hours and must be within standard store opening hours.

+ What stores offer personal shopping appointments for Gold card customers?

Personal shopping is available at the following selected freestanding stores: Amersham, Belfast, Beverley, Brighton, Cambridge, Chelsea, Chichester, Guildford, Harrogate, Henley, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Oxford, Regent Street, Ringwood, Shrewsbury, Southport, Stamford, Stratford upon Avon, Truro, Westfield White City, Weybridge, Wilmslow, Winchester, Bluewater, Brent Cross, Bury St Edmund, Chester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Westfield Stratford East, Windsor, Manchester, Canary Wharf Mens, Canary Wharf Womens and Lymington.

+ How do I access the exclusive partner offers for Silver and Gold customers?

All online member benefits are only available on jaeger.co.uk and not jaegeroutlet.com.

+ I have qualified as a Silver/Gold Loyalty Card customer but I do not want to use a Silver/Gold card

You are free to continue to use your existing black loyalty card if you would prefer not to show a Silver or Gold card.

+ How can I stop Jaeger emails going into my spam or junk folder?

Please add info@jaeger-email.co.uk to your Address Book or Safe Senders List. Please see below for instructions for some of the most commonly used ISPs: Hotmail/MSN mail 1. Sign in and click ‘Options' in the top right of your screen. 2. On the left side of the page, click 'Safe and blocked senders' which is under the 'Junk email' section. 3. Click on 'Safe senders'. 4. Add the address or domain name, and click ‘Add to list'. Gmail 1. From your Gmail inbox, open the Marks & Spencer email you have received 2. Click on the arrow next to the reply button on the top right hand corner of the email 3. From the drop down menu, click on "Add sender to contacts" Yahoo Mail 1. Click on 'Contacts' in the menu on the left of the page 2. Click 'Add contacts' 3. Add Name and email address 4. Save contact details . For AOL To add our email address to your Address Book or Custom Sender List: *AOL9.0: 1. Click the "Spam Controls" link (lower right area of your inbox). 2. When the "Mail & Spam Controls" box appears, click "Custom sender list". 3. Choose "allow email from " option 4. Add the domain news.marksandspencer.com 5. Click "Add", then "Save". *AOL 7 & 8: 1. Go to Keyword Mail Controls. 2. Select the screen name you are using to receive email. 3. Click "Customize Mail Controls For This Screen Name." 4a. For AOL version 7.0: In the section for "exclusion and inclusion parameters", include the following domain: * @news.marksandspencer.com 4b. For AOL version 8.0: Select "Allow email from all AOL members, email addresses and domains." 5. Click on "Next" until the "Save" button shows up at the bottom. 6. Click "Save." For Outlook 2007 To make sure you can see emails as they were intended to be seen (including images), add our email address to your address book and safe sender list. To add our email address to your address book: 1. Right click on the "From Sender" email address 2. Choose "Add To Outlook Contacts". For Outlook 2003 To make sure you can see emails as they were intended to be seen (including images), add our email address to your address book and safe sender list. To add our email address to your address book: 1. Right click on the email subject line. 2. Choose "Add Sender To Address Book".